5 Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for Men

For aeons, men have been too busy making a living that they forgot how to make a life. This article looks at 5 essential work-life balance tips to redress this unhealthy existence and dated mindset.

There’s nothing wrong with personal ambition and a desire to climb the corporate ladder. Still, all work and no recreation is detrimental to health and wellbeing over time. The solution to these problems is lifestyle balance.

The Balancing Act

Workplace transformation is happening, but it’s slow progress, and you don’t have to wait for change for it to occur. It’s not possible to strike the perfect work-life-balance overnight, but you can make some instant improvements. Take notes as you read these tips if it helps, and jot down any ideas as they pertain to your life.

#1 — Pay attention to how your day starts

A day that gets off to a bad start has a habit of staying that way. Households with young kids especially can be frantic first thing in the morning. The way to avoid stress at sunrise is to develop a routine the night before. Think about what you want for breakfast and get everything ready.

So much lost time and stress occur from disorganized mornings, but a simple change to routine can stop all that. The point is that a little preparation ahead of time can make a massive difference to the way you start each new day. Join an online community to help you keep in track with your feelings.

#2 — Explore flexitime

Flexitime is precisely that — flexible. It can be a lifesaver for the family man with shared responsibilities. A lot of companies today (especially given the COVID situation) don’t mind how, when, or where the work gets done, as long as it does. There’s nothing to lose by exploring flexible working hours, at least for some of the time. Leverage work from home to create a completely new routine that works for you now that you do not have to be at work from 9–6 necessarily.

#3 — Learn to switch off

One of the main problems with today’s work culture is being plugged in all day and half the night. It’s an unhealthy and often unnecessary approach. All our gazillion mobile devices do not help too. Consider setting a time to disconnect everything. That includes the phone — or at least message notifications — computers, and anything else used for work. Let your boss and any colleagues know that you’ll be unavailable during these reasonable cut-off times. This is so, so useful, trust me.

#4 — Set aside some me-time

Many working men don’t give themselves enough social or me-time, but there can be no work-life balance without it. That sounds selfish, but it’s not. Those who embrace me-time are usually more productive than those who don’t, and nicer to be around. The focus isn’t on quantity here; it’s quality. If watching a favourite show on TV for 30 minutes relaxes you, then that’s a good use of Me-Time. The key here is to make it a regular event.

#5 — Improve sleep quality

Sleep is everything. It determines how we think, feel, and function at work and home. The lives of those who improve sleep habits take their health, happiness, and cognitive performance to new levels. Everyone should look at ways to enhance their slumber if they’re always tired. It promises to be one of the best things a person can do to improve their life.

Poor work-life balance is often attributed to overwork, too much stress, and chronic tiredness. A lack of sleep, or sleep quality, makes juggling time between work, rest, and play seem impossible. Sadly, young men are among the most sleep-deprived in the world, but you don’t have to be part of that statistic.

Most important of all is to be kind to yourself and strive for progress rather than perfection. You may want to keep a list and write things down so that you can see what works and what needs further adjustment. No two people are the same, and approaches vary between the roles of men in different cultures. The point is to identify areas you need to improve and look at practical ways to implement them. Keep us posted on what works best for you!

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I’m a comedian at heart, a self growth junkie, an author and love working towards making the world a better, happier place!

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